Jan 6, 2023 | General Information

Heating your home, especially during the winter months is a primary concern for any homeowner. But modern heating systems can take on many different forms and offer different advantages and maintenance requirements. Regardless of type, the heating system of a home is designed to maintain a minimum interior temperature of 21°C. The indoor temperature is measured in the center of the room. It varies from room to room.

There are numerous types of thermostatic controls for any given heating system. The accuracy of these controls can vary due to internal heat gains caused by a continued demand for heat. At times, it may be necessary to ignore the numerical temperature settings and set the thermostat for a temperature that is comfortable. Adjusting a thermostat to a setting higher than the temperature desired will not speed the rise in temperature. Heating systems will not operate unless the thermostat setting is higher than the room temperature. Solar heat gains can warm a room or area to the extent that the thermostat is warm enough not to be calling for more heat. The heating system will then remain turned off and other rooms not positively affected by the heat of the sun can become cool.

The various heating systems available all have specific requirements for maintenance in order to operate at maximum efficiency.

All heating systems can be noisy at times due to the expansion and contraction of pipes and other metal components of the distribution system. These noises don’t affect its performance.

Systems that rely on burning fuel to generate heat require makeup air for combustion. This air supply must not be blocked as dangerous back drafting conditions can occur.

With forced air systems, the heat outlets and cold air returns must be kept free of any furniture or floor coverings which could block the free flow of air. In addition, the filters must be cleaned or replaced regularly to allow the unobstructed flow of air through the furnace. The quality of the replacement filter used dramatically affects the air quality within the home.

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