Sep 23, 2022 | General Information

A tree is a beautiful thing and adding one or several to a property can transform its charm and character dramatically. But taking that step also requires some careful thought, especially when it comes to available space, location, and clean up. Unlike with most plants a tree isn’t just for one season – a tree becomes a permanent part of your personal landscape

Planting: Unless planting a sapling, most trees will come from the nursery partially grown with its root ball wrapped in material of some sort. Do some research before you plant to learn how big your tree of choice will grow and if it needs any special care.

When ready to plant begin by digging a hole twice the width of the root ball (or container if started in a degradable pot of some variety). Don’t make the hole too deep, just deep enough for an inch or two of dirt to cover the roots. Make sure to remove all wrapping material and manually spread out the roots in the hole. Cover with dirt and tamp it down.

Tree Types: Selecting the trees to be used is very subjective. Trees can be for shade, for fruit, for flowering beauty or any other personal reason. Here are a couple of hardy flowering types of trees that home gardeners mighty consider.

The Japanese Maple is a popular variety that can grow to 15 or even 20 feet in height. These trees are noted for foliage that can range from burgundy to a pale green. Like with any maple many trees of this species will change dramatically during the autumn.

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