Simple DIY planter box

Jun 17, 2022 | General Information


Planter boxes are a great method to improve the look of a home’s surroundings. They’re also an excellent option for small-space gardening. Try this DIY planter box is the perfect home for flowers, herbs and veggies!



  • Two 1” x 11” x 72” pine wood panels
  • Measuring tape and pencil
  • Jigsaw
  • Brad nailer and nails (or hammer and nails)
  • Drill and wood screws
  • Paint and roller
  • Two 1¼” x 48” wood dowels


  1. Grab the measuring tape and pencil and divide the wood panels into the following sizes:
      • One: 34” x 11” (bottom)
      • Two: 36” x 11” (sides)
      • Two: 11” x 11” (ends)
  2. Now, cut the wood a jigsaw.

  4. Attach together using a brad nailer. Don’t have a brad nailer handy? Simply use some nails and a hammer to complete this step.

  6. Once your box is constructed, lightly sand it before you paint the exterior using your favourite summer colour and your roller brush.

  8. To create the legs of the planter, cut each dowel in half using a jigsaw. Find and mark the center of the dowel and drill a small hole into the base of each one.

  10. Mark the location of each leg 3” away from the edges on the inside of the finished planter. Drill a small hole for each leg at the bottom of the box. Grab the dowels and, using the wood screws, attach them from above.

  12. Add your plants and enjoy!

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