5 fragrant trees for your yard

Jun 3, 2022 | General Information

White Dogwood Tree

If you’re thinking of adding a tree or two to your yard this summer, you should check out these fragrant beauties!


Apple Tree.

A classic spring flowering tree that produces one of the tastiest fruits come fall. Depending on the variety you grow, your tree could end up only 8 feet tall or as tall as 30 feet.


Crabapple Tree.

While crabapples are edible, though much more tart than their larger cousins, crabapple trees are more often grown for their explosive flowers, which appear in early spring. Height ranges from 7 to 20 feet.


Golden Chain Tree.

Growing 12 to 30 feet tall, the Golden Chain rewards each spring with a brilliant show of yellow flowers that are gone almost as quickly as they arrive – but the short display is so worth it.


Purple Leaf Sandcherry.

A tall shrub known for its purple leaves and sweetly fragrant white flowers, which bloom mid-spring. Grows up to 10 feet high. An excellent small tree for tighter spaces.


Silk Tree.

Pink flowers appear later than most flowering trees, in June and July and this tree reaches 20 to 40 feet in height at maturity.


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