What is Eclectic Design

May 13, 2022 | General Information

You’ve likely heard the word “eclectic” used to describe someone’s music taste, or perhaps their fashion. While it’s often thought to mean unique or different, what eclectic actually means is taking ideas from a variety of places and combining them. Which is why eclectic design is such a cool way to approach how you decorate your home. Instead of looking to only one interior design style, try mixing different elements together to create an aesthetic that can’t quite be pinned down – aside from the fact that it looks great!

For example, start by mixing furniture from different time periods, such as a mid-century modern console table in a living room that has a much more traditional sofa. Then bring in a variety of textures and patterns using throw pillows and rugs. Finish the room off with art ranging from minimalist line drawings to colourful abstracts. If all of this sounds far too overwhelming to do at once, the great news is an eclectic space is best created over time. In the end, it should feel lived in and loved – not forced or staged.

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