3 Benefits of Living in a Shipping Container Home in Calgary

Apr 22, 2022 | General Information

Shipping container homes have grown so much in popularity over the years that you can now find homes made from used containers right in the middle of traditional neighborhoods. So what’s the fascination with this green building trend? Obviously its eco-friendly nature is a huge selling point, but there are actually a lot of other benefits of living in a shipping container home. Here are three of them.

Affordability. One major reason shipping container homes are so popular is due to their low cost. Because the shipping containers are already structurally sound, fewer materials are needed to complete construction. They of course need to be insulated, but aside from that the amount of materials used to finish a container home is significantly smaller than a traditional home.

Durability. If you think about the kind of weather conditions shipping containers have to face when out at sea, it becomes clear how highly durable they are.

Plus, when multiple shipping containers are used for the same house, they are welded together – creating an extremely strong building envelope that can withstand all kinds of weather events.

Aesthetics. The honest truth is that shipping container homes are just really cool to look at. They combine a modern aesthetic with the oh-so-popular industrial vibe. Plus, there are so many amazing design choices you can make with a container home. One popular option is to stack two or more containers, with each one facing a different direction.

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