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The purchase of a home is the biggest financial decision anyone will likely ever make and realtor LeRoy Wolf, with about 50 years of experience, is committed and passionate about helping people navigate that real estate journey with ease.

Wolf, with Real Estate Professionals in Calgary, brings that experience and his knowledge, of the market and the industry, to every transaction in the rapidly, and constantly, changing world of buying and selling a home. Over the past five decades, he has seen and experienced the ups and downs of the local real estate market and the city's economy.

That level of knowledge and experience provides clients with comfort, security and confidence that they're going to get the best deal in today's housing market.

He describes himself as a smart marketer, an experienced guide and a sharp negotiator - all traits that can help a buyer or a seller have a seamless experience in the increasingly complicated world of real estate in Calgary.

"Experience can be a big advantage if people want to listen to that," says Wolf. "Yes, I do have a lot of knowledge and I can manage and navigate through difficult times on a sale in what to do and how to do it and how to get the best outcome out of it.

"I can do all that and I have done that."

Wolf is originally from Minot, North Dakota. He moved to Calgary in 1970 after spending two years in Vietnam.

At that time, he knew some people in the home building business who were successful. He started his career in 1970 with Modern Homes, a new home building company in Calgary. Wolf began by doing odd jobs at construction sites. After about six months, he got into sales.

In the early 1980s, the housing market collapsed in Calgary and Wolf went to work selling vehicles for a few years until 1993. Wolf then returned to the world of real estate where he has been ever since.

Real estate is a people business - always has been - and Wolf has made it a priority with his clients to always look out for their best interests. Because of his experience in the new home building industry at the start of his career, he can also offer advice to clients from that perspective.

"I probably have a lot more expertise than a lot of people in those areas," he says.

Wolf believes in the real estate market in Calgary and he is always staying on top of the latest market data and trends in order to provide the best guidance and advice to his clients whether they are buying a home or selling their property.

With respect for others and their opinions, as well as compassion for their needs, Wolf can move quickly to help clients achieve their goals and their dreams and help them move forward in the next stage of their lives.

"The key is having someone knowledgeable to help guide them through their experience. I'm also up to date on the new technologies that are being introduced in the industry and because, like everyone I can't do everything, I partner with people who can get the job done," says Wolf.

The veteran realtor prides himself on his trustworthiness as well as delivering a high level of service and integrity. It's those leadership qualities that define him as a realtor, making the client real estate experience an efficient and effective one with a straightforward approach that is first and foremost always looking after the best interests of the client.

LeRoy Wolf is always on the move to make deals happen. Selling or buying property with LeRoy Wolf gets you results. For a seriously successful and enjoyable home sale or purchase. Now more than ever you need a smart marketer an experienced guide and a sharp negotiator. Looking for results Contact LeRoy Wolf.

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