Jan 30, 2023 | Tips

Often overlooked or undervalued, rugs can play an essential role in decorating a home. Rugs add colour, they can imply warmth and quality, and as they come in a variety of sizes, shapes and colours they can be used in an equally diverse variety of ways. A rug can be the centerpiece of a room, even if you don’t realize it at first glance. Here are a few ways that rugs can be used to decorate homes of any size.


1. In a home with an open floor plan strategically placed rugs are the ideal way to separate areas. For example this can be to define where the dining room begins and the living room ends.

2. Depending on the size of the room using more than one rug might be required. A rugged and simple rug in the foyer helps to guide you indoors from the outer world, while a shapely and vibrantly coloured rug in the living room showcases charm and comfort in an area where people are going to be spending a greater amount of time.

3. A rug can also be used to create the impression of space, something that may be physically lacking in a studio apartment for example. A sense of variety in a room can be created by using two different rugs of dissimilar size. To create a feeling of comfort and harmony when using more than one rug select styles and colours that complement each other and avoid creating a shocking or discordant feeling in the room with wildly different styles.

4. If your home has a certain colour scheme throughout try to select rugs that compliment that effect. Using a rug that matches the colour or style scheme helps to tie the room together visually, especially once the furnishings are in place.

5. A rug, especially a quality Persian or Oriental carpet for example, can serve as the focal point of any room. A room’s paint scheme can be altered to match some element in an especially fine rug for example, making the rug’s visual qualities stand out all even more.

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