How To Bring Colour Into Any Home

Jan 28, 2022 | General Information, Tips

Got a white, beige or grey home interior? Want to breathe some life into it, but don’t want to start slapping all kinds of paint colours on the walls?

There are actually several ways to bring colour into your home without ever having to lift a paintbrush. Bringing in colourful furniture, accessories and art can help offset neutral walls, while still maintaining the relaxing vibe a white or off-white home provides. For example, if you have a plain wall in a hallway or another space that serves as a transition – such as a stair landing – dress it up with a beautiful piece of art. It could be a landscape painting, a photograph of your favourite city, a vintage portrait, or anything else that catches your eye. In rooms such as living spaces, bedrooms, even bathrooms with windows, add colour and pattern with full-length curtains. A bold floral pattern or colourful geometric can add a ton of personality to a room. And the best part is that if you tire of them, you can just take the curtains down. Speaking of pattern, mixing patterns is definitely allowed and can give a room so much personality as the different colours and textures play off each other. Try adding in patterns with throw pillows and other textiles, patterned vases, even a patterned piece of upholstered furniture if you’re feeling brave!

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