What To Consider Before Adding Built-Ins To Your Living Space

Jan 7, 2022 | General Information, Tips

By definition, built-ins are any sort of cabinetry or shelving feature that are anchored to a home’s walls. What layout, style and colours you choose will depend largely on the reasoning behind adding the built-ins. Do you need them primarily for storage? If so, consider installing deeper built-ins with a mixture of cabinet or drawers sizes and various shelves for displaying more decorative pieces. Or do you want built-ins specifically to showcase a collection such as books, travel treasures, photographs and so on? You might want to consider adjustable floor to ceiling shelves so you can customize the height between them to accommodate different sized items. As for style and colour, while white built-ins with simple detailing add a certain coziness to a space, simple minimalistic built-ins made of a light-toned wood lean more toward a Scandinavian feel. Or, if you want the vibe of an old-world library, go with a heavily detailed style in dark wood to add a grand, almost aristocratic feel.

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