What Not To Do When Moving

Nov 4, 2021 | Tips

Moving is a time-consuming, often stressful task that’s a necessary part of buying a new home. Before you can kick your feet up in your new pad, you have to organize, purge, pack and move all of your belongings, which may be a little – or may be a lot. Regardless of how many things you own, there are a few mistakes anyone planning a move should avoid.

For instance, assuming that it’s only going to take you a few days to pack. Even if you don’t own a ton of things, why wait until the last minute and then have to pack everything at once? Instead, start as soon as you know your moving date by packing just a few things everyday. Start with items you don’t always use such as books or off-season clothes. Another often made mistake is just packing everything before seriously considering what you can do without.

Moving is the perfect time to purge all the things you don’t use, that don’t fit and don’t work. That way, you can start fresh in your new home surrounded by only things that are useful or that bring you joy.

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