How to organize your kid’s room in less than a week

Sep 17, 2021 | General Information, Tips


The key to any successful organisational project is to have a plan. This is perhaps no more important than when it comes to a kid’s bedroom, which tends to be stuffed with toys, books, clothes – and who knows what else. Here is a five-day outline you can follow to bring your child’s space from disaster to oasis in under a week. Also, if your child is old enough – make sure to involve them in the process!

  • Day 1. Declutter. It’s time to say goodbye to broken toys, books no longer read and finally go through that towering pile of stuffies.
  • Day 2. Sort. Once you’ve decided what to keep, put like with like. For example, books and board games can go together, Lego and building blocks can go together, dolls and stuffed animals can go together.
  • Day 3. Clean. Vacuum, wash walls, clean any light fixtures, put all textiles such as bedding and curtains in the wash.
  • Day 4. Create zones. Think of your child’s room as a mini-house. Is there a comfy area for them to read? A hard surface for them to colour and do puzzles? A fun space to play dress-up? Even if it’s a small room, having zones will help keep it organized in the future.
  • Day 5. Decorate. The fun part! Have your child help you choose your favourite pieces of artwork and frame them for a gallery wall. Pick out a few new colourful throw pillows – or if you and your child are crafty make them yourself!

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