Give Your Fireplace a Makeover

Aug 13, 2021 | General Information, Tips

If you have a fireplace, it should be the focal point of your living space. If it isn’t – it might need a makeover. Too often fireplaces play it safe with neutral tones and natural woods. But a bold paint job may be just what your fireplace needs to take centre stage. Here are three tips for giving your fireplace a little TLC.

  • Choose a colour that compliments any existing features. If your fireplace has coloured tile, make sure to select a colour for the mantle and trim that will enhance it. You could also consider painting the tile, which is a project on its own, but is definitely doable. Just consult a paint expert for the type of paint and materials you’ll need.
  • Speaking of materials, make sure to choose the right ones for the job. You’ll likely need angled brushes to get into the corners and details and you’ll definitely need painter’s tape so you don’t get the new colour on your walls or tile.

Make sure to give all the surfaces you’ll be painting a good cleaning before you start. If your fireplace mantel or trim is dirty the paint won’t adhere properly.

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