How to Make Your Kitchen Look Bigger

Aug 6, 2021 | General Information, Tips

Got a small kitchen? Not a problem with these helpful hacks.

First, consider installing shallow cabinets. 24” deep lower cabinets are the norm, but how often do people use the very back of their cabinets anyway? Shave a few inches off and you’ll have a lot more floor space to move around.

Next, go hardware free to give the front of your cabinets a clean and seamless look. Another thoughtful hack – install a single instead of a double sink. This will give you more space for cabinets as the sink will take up less room. You can also select compact appliances, which will be more narrow and will also leave more room for storage. And a compact fridge won’t stick out into your kitchen as much, giving you more breathing room.

Last up, choose a backsplash that makes your space seem bigger. For example, mirrored backsplashes will make it seem almost like there’s another world beyond your cabinets. You could also choose a tinted glass tile, which will still create reflection without being too dramatic.

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