4 Places in Your Home You’re Probably Forgetting to Clean

Jul 23, 2021 | General Information, Tips

4 Places in Your Home You’re Probably Forgetting to Clean

Already did your spring-cleaning for the year? Well, there may be a few things in your home you forgot about. Check out this list of the most common items homeowners forget to check off their spring-cleaning list.

  • Baseboards. Not the most fun thing to clean, which is why most of us “forget” about them. However, if you have a handheld vacuum with a narrow attachment cleaning your baseboards can actually be a breeze. If not, grab a bucket of soap and warm water and give them a wipe.
  • Light fixtures. Light fixtures add such personality to our homes. Unfortunately they can get really grimy. If you have light fixtures that include a glass piece, see if you can remove it and give it a good clean. For fixtures made from natural fibers like rattan or bamboo, give them a dust and then vacuum the floor below.
  • Plants. Yup – your plants need to be cleaned too. They collect dust, which doesn’t look very nice and also can block out the sunlight plants need to grow and flourish.
  • Top of fridge. How long has it been since you peeked on top of your fridge? If it’s been awhile, brace yourself. Dust, dead bugs and random toys may have made themselves at home. Thankfully, a quick vacuum or wipe will have the top of your fridge just as sparkling as the front of it.


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