How to Create a Living Room With Ample Seating!

Jul 16, 2021 | Art, General Information, Tips

How to Create a Living Room with Ample Seating

Nobody wants an overcrowded living room. But if you indeed do a lot of living in your front room, family room, or sitting room, you need a few good seating options. Even if your living space is small, a single couch usually won’t do. Here are three furniture layout ideas to suit a variety of living rooms.

  • Couch, upholstered coffee table and window seats. If you’re lucky enough to have several windows in your living room, consider adding built-in seats below them. They look pretty and give you a great place to sit and sip tea or curl up and read a book. Then, put an upholstered coffee table in front of your couch, which can double as a place to put things and somewhere to sit.
  • Couch, armchairs and footstools. If you don’t have or don’t want window seats, add in a couple of armchairs and footstools instead. The chair and stool combo is a super comfy place to kick back and rest, but the stools can also act as their own sitting space.

Sectional and ottoman. If you love a great big sectional, there might not be enough room for much else. But if your coffee table is also an ottoman, you can perch there too – plus there’ll be extra space inside to stash stuff.

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