Bold Paint Colours Are in!

Jun 11, 2021 | General Information, Tips

Bold Paint Colours Are in!

Whether you add a matte black feature wall to your living room, paint your whole bathroom teal, or paint patterns on your wall with a variety of colours – bold paint choices are currently trending. Most likely a result of the constant popularity of white, beige and grey, some homeowners are taking a risk – and loving the reward. Are you ready to be bold? Here are three tips for adding statement colours to your walls.

  • Create contrast. One way to make bold colours really pop is by using contrast. Grab a colour wheel and choose two colour families on opposite sides of the wheel. For example – blue and orange. Choose one of the colours for your walls and then add in orange accents like furniture and curtains.
  • Create balance. Bold colours are fun, but they need to be anchored if you want your space to still feel calm and homey. Instead of picking two contrasting colours, select just one and then balance out the space with neutral accents.
  • Create intrigue. There are ways to add interest to a space without painting entire walls. Try painting a large circle above your couch in a bold colour. Or, if you have a living space that opens up to another room, leave the living space neutral and paint the back room a bright shade. This will draw the eye through the living space and make it seem bigger.

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