Tips for Creating a Mindful Garden

May 14, 2021 | General Information, Tips

Looking for ways to cultivating a stronger connection to nature?

Look no further than your own backyard, patio or balcony. Plant something that reminds you of your childhood or of a happy time of your life. For example, if your grandmother always grew roses in her garden, plant some in your own. Engage your senses by planting something fragrant. If you prefer the smell of herbs to the smell of flowers, plant cilantro or basil. Think of ways your garden can help you slow down. This may mean installing a meandering path that snakes through your yard. Or perhaps you can create a reading nook in the corner of your patio where you can curl up.

And don’t forget the role wildlife plays in the outside world. Add in plants that attract bees and butterflies like milkweed and daylilies, or a birdfeeder and birdbath. Even small changes to our outdoor space can help us feel like we’re part of a larger eco-system.

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