How to Mix Patterns

Feb 18, 2021 | Tips

How to Mix Patterns

There was a time where pattern mixing – both in your outfit and in your home – was a faux pas. But not anymore, which is so much more fun! Even with this freedom, mixing patterns in your home can feel daunting. What if they clash? What if they just look off? Thankfully, there are actually some pretty straightforward tips you can follow to help your patterns play off each other beautifully.

• Stripes: Stripes are so easy on the eyes they’re almost a neutral and can be mixed with any other pattern safely.

• Dots: Either small dots or big circles go well with stripes because you’re mixing two contrasting – yet complimentary – patterns.

• Geometrics: Any square geometric pattern can essentially be paired with another square geometric. It’s when you start adding in curved geometrics that things can get a little over-the-top.

• Florals: Essentially the opposite of stripes, florals are flowing and intricate and actually go very well with stripes and angular geometrics.

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