Easy to Clean Bathroom Design Tips

Feb 4, 2021 | Tips

Easy to Clean Bathroom Design Tips

Sure, an all white bathroom sounds pretty. But imagine trying to keep it looking clean. If having a beautiful and low maintenance bathroom sounds more like your thing, follow these four design tips.

• No mould allowed. If you want to keep your bathroom clean then you need to make sure mould knows it’s not welcome there. If your bathroom space has an opening window – great. If not, consider adding one. If a window isn’t going to happen, then a good quality ventilation fan is a must.

• Take the tile up. Most bathrooms have tile floors, but for an even easier to clean space take the tile all the way up the wall.

• Say no to light grout. On the subject of tile, don’t choose white grout unless you want to be going at it with a toothbrush. Further, avoid small mosaic tiles – especially on the floor. Small tiles mean more grout space and more grout space equals more chances of dirt getting stuck there.

• Choose fixtures wisely. If you’re in the position to install new fixtures, consider how easy they’ll be to clean. For example, you can now get toilets that have a sleek outer body so they only need a quick wipe. Another consideration is a floating vanity, which will allow you to easily wipe underneath.

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