3 Winter Home Improvement Projects

Dec 5, 2020 | Tips

We tend to spend a lot more time indoors during the coldest months of the year, which makes it the perfect time to tackle DIY projects around the house. Ranging from practical to creative – consider adding these three home improvement projects to your winter to-do list.
  • Find and seal cracks. In the cold weather, heat escapes and cold air comes in from even the smallest holes in your building envelope. Hire a pro to seek out the leaks and then use insulation and spray foam to seal them. You can also check for drafts yourself by locking all the doors and windows on a cold day and then walking around feeling for drafts.
  • Repaint the kitchen cabinets. You likely don’t want to be stuck inside the kitchen during the spring or summer months, making the winter the perfect time to refresh your cabinets. Either give them a touch-up of their current colour or change things up entirely. One current cabinet trend is painting your upper and lower cabinets complimentary colours.
  • Create and hang some DIY artwork. After you’re done the less fun to-dos, reward yourself with a crafty project. If you’re good with a pencil – hand-draw something. If the computer is more your thing – create and print some graphic art. You could also photograph your kids, pets, or the winter landscape and frame.

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