Common Interior Design Mistakes and How to Fix Them

Nov 17, 2020 | Tips

If you’ve ever caught yourself looking around your home thinking something isn’t quite right – you are not alone! There are several commonly made interior design mistakes that are actually quite easy to remedy once you’ve identified them.
The first common mistake is hanging curtains too low. We often hang curtains right above the window, but this actually makes our ceilings feel lower. Hanging the curtains only a few inches below the ceiling draws the eyes up and makes your home feel bigger than it actually is.The next often-made mistake is not measuring your space before going shopping. Have you ever brought something home and then realized it was a lot bigger or smaller than you thought? Thankfully you can head off this issue the next time you buy items for your home by writing down any required measurements beforehand. And make sure to bring a small measuring tape with you when you shop so you can confirm measurements at the store.

The final common mistake that nearly everyone makes is pushing living room furniture up against the walls. True, you want your living room to feel spacious, but sometimes pushing couches and chairs against the wall creates a void in the middle of the room. You actually want to keep seating close together to create a cozy, conversational setup.

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