Things in Your Kitchen You Don’t Need

Sep 18, 2020 | Tips

Expert designers know your time is precious. And that’s why they want you to get rid of these three non-essential items in your kitchen. First up – the junk drawer. If you don’t have one, you won’t be tempted to toss stuff inside. Instead, get rid of any items you don’t use regularly and then organize the rest with baskets and dividers. Next, do you have any counter-hogging appliances you don’t use? Imagine how it would feel to have all that empty counter space instead. Simply donate them to someone who will actually use them and enjoy a clutter-free kitchen. And in a surprising twist, designers want you to know that trendy open shelving really isn’t that practical. Sure, it looks cool – if you can keep it spotlessly clean. But the average homeowner doesn’t have time to be constantly dusting and ensuring items are perfectly stacked. Cupboards with doors are a smart choice and never go out of style.

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