Bring Calm into Your Home With These Simple Tips

Aug 24, 2020 | Tips

There are many ways to create a serene feeling throughout your home. Depending on what appeals to you, some of these suggestions may work – while others may not. Discovering what things bring you a sense of wellbeing is part of the journey. To start, take a look around your home and observe what you see. Try not to be judgmental by noticing dirty dishes or floors that need to be mopped. These things are temporary. Instead, take in the colours on your walls, the lighting, the decor. Do these things bring you positive feelings, or do you want to change everything? If you feel the latter, move items that no longer bring you joy into storage. If the paint is too intense or the lighting too bright, a quick coat of a neutral grey can do wonders for a room. And merely changing lightbulbs or adding a mood lamp can also make a big difference. If your home feels too bare, try bringing in elements of nature. A piece of driftwood on the mantel, some dried flowers in a vase or a few shells from the beach remind us of the outside world and help us feel connected to our planet.

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