3 DIY Decor Items You Can Make From a Book

Aug 5, 2020 | Tips

Books are precious. They hold beautiful stories and are a physical culmination of the writer’s hard work. But that doesn’t mean you can’t cut them up and turn them into decor! If this seems like a bit of a faux pas, think of it this way – you aren’t destroying the book, you’re merely transforming it into something else. Here are three decor items you can make from a single hardcover book. Just make sure you don’t cut up a rare edition!

Book cover key holder. Carefully separate the cover from the book. Attach a small hook toward the top centre. Hang on the wall near your front door and slip your keys on the hook. You’ll never misplace them again!

Book page orb. Trace eight circles on a few of the book’s pages and cut out. Fold each circle in half. Glue one half to another, continuing until you glue the last piece to the first folded circle. Now you have a small paper orb you can display on a shelf!

Book page artwork. Gather the scrap pages from the previous project. Either hand draw or print off a line drawing you like, such as a mountain range, a simple figure, even just shapes. Cut the scrap pieces so they fit into various parts of the drawing. For example, if you were doing a mountain range, the book page pieces could act as the snowcaps. When done, place in a frame, hang and enjoy!

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