How to Decorate Your Home without Spending Money

Jul 29, 2020 | Calgary Market News, Tips

Magazines and online inspiration sites like Pinterest and Instagram have no shortage of beautiful homes to swoon over. But how do you get a similar look without spending a bunch of money? It isn’t as difficult as you may think. Instead, it’s all about recreating a feeling – not replicating someone else’s interior spaces.

Declutter. To make a space feel fresh and stylish, it’s more important that you take things out than put things in. Look closely at your favourite professionally decorated homes, and they all will have one thing in common – no clutter. It’s not that all of these homeowners are minimalists. But getting rid of clutter means getting rid of things that you have no use or love for. Every single item in your home should be there for a reason – even the decor items.

Rearrange. Study the rooms that you love to figure out what’s going on spatially. If it’s a bedroom – where is the bed? Where is the dresser? How is the artwork displayed? Then, try and incorporate these things into your home by rearranging things. You don’t need to have the same furniture – or even the same square footage. Figure out why your inspiration room works and ask yourself – what can I do to my space to achieve a similar feeling?

DIY. Even if you’re a DIY newbie, there are a ton of projects you can create on your own – often with items you already have around the house. Take a look at your inspiration rooms again and pick out one or two things you could DIY. Is it a cool abstract painting? A trio of brightly coloured throw pillows? Look for how-to articles and videos for directions on creating these things yourself. And be prepared to be surprised when you realize you can scrounge up the supplies. Do your kids have craft paint you can borrow? Do you have old t-shirts you’d be willing to cut up for no-sew pillows? Use your imagination, have fun and remember – the best homes are the ones that reflect the owner’s personality.

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