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May 21, 2020 | Tips

Where to Save Money on Home Decor

One of the golden rules of home decorating is knowing when to splurge and when to save. There’s no need to spend a fortune – although you certainly could if you want! But thanks to all the affordable, yet beautiful, options out there, it’s easy to stick to a budget. Especially if you choose these three items wisely.

*Area rugs. Rugs are one of those pieces you could spend thousands on. But for most of us it doesn’t make sense to invest that kind of money on something we’re going to walk on, our kids and grandkids are going to play on and our dog is going to chew on. Find something well priced, yet durable, which will look great and probably last as long as an expensive designer rug.

*Lighting. Another way you can spend a ton of money on is lighting. Instead, search out interesting secondhand pieces and give them a spray paint. Or, if there’s a statement light you just have to have, simplify the rest of your fixtures in order to save money and to allow your feature piece to shine.

*Accessories. Vases, throw pillows, picture frames, candlesticks and so on are what turns a house into a home. And whether they were expensive or not is beside the point. What’s important is that each item means something to you. Because personal style is what gives a space that just-right feel – not pricey pieces.


How to Make Your Small Space Feel Large

If you live in a small home or condo, you may find yourself a little squeezed at times. According to experts, the secret to feeling like you have all the space in the world has a lot to do with your mindset. For example, instead of trying to fit as many things into your home as possible, aim for empty space. Maybe you don’t need a coffee table in your living room. And your shelves don’t have to be packed full. Of course, if you already have a lot of items you’ll need to purge before you can create open spaces that will bring a sense of calm. The next tip is that for the things you do own, make them do double duty. Who says your kitchen table can’t also be your desk? And you certainly don’t need a guest room if your couch is a pullout. A few more tricks to make your small space feel large – add mirrors, paint the walls with light colours and be creative. Nowadays, homes come in all shapes and sizes. Embrace your small space!


Natural Cleaning Supplies for a Healthy Home

We all want a squeaky clean home! And these three all-natural cleaning supplies fight dirt without the use of harsh chemicals.

*Baking soda. You probably already have this staple in your pantry. But baking soda is also an effective household cleaner thanks to its abrasive texture and ability to deodorize. Sprinkle it on your carpet before you vacuum or use it as a tub scrub to get rid of built-up residue.

*Lemons. Lemons are sour and an effective cleaning agent for the same reason – their high acidity. Lemons are great at shining up surfaces and cutting through grease.

*White vinegar. Another acidic cleaning supply that can handle grime and grease. Use it to clean windows, wash floors – or pour it down a drain alongside baking soda to create a volcanic reaction that will unclog blockages.

3 Simple Bathroom Decorating Tips

The bathroom is one area that seems to be neglected in the realm of home decor tips, but it shouldn’t be! A thoughtfully decorated bathroom is like a little oasis to escape to and unwind. And while there’s nothing wrong with the minimalistic approach, a few special touches can elevate a bathroom from blah to beautiful. Try adding wallpaper with a delicate design to one or all of the walls. Flowers, birds and trees are all popular bathroom wallpaper options. Next up, invest in some well-made towels. They don’t have to cost a fortune, but super soft higher-end textiles can add a touch of luxury. Last up, don’t skimp on the storage. It’s easy for a bathroom’s countertop and shelves to collect various toiletries, but if everything has a place – even if that place is just a simple basket – nothing will be left out. Meaning your bathroom will always feel clean and organized, even when it’s not!

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