Why You Should Work With An Industry Professional

Using a licensed industry professional protects you as a consumer. It’s that simple. Not only do licensed industry professionals have the education and experience to competently assist you in a transaction, but RECA also holds them accountable to ensure they meet the high standards of professionalism and behaviour set out in the legislation. 

Hiring someone who isn’t licensed leaves consumers without important protections.

Back Alley Licence

Cereal Box Licensing

Licences Don’t Grow on Trees

Consumer Protection Fund

The Consumer Protection Fund protects consumers who use a licensed professional. The Fund compensates consumers who have suffered a financial loss due to fraud, breach of trust, or failure to account for money held in trust. This applies to consumers with their own licensed professional and to licensed professionals working for the opposite side in a transaction.

Criminal Record Checks

All licensed professionals undergo a Criminal Record Check prior to receiving a licence from the Real Estate Council of Alberta (RECA).


Licensed professionals must follow the standards set out in the Real Estate Act and Real Estate Act Rules. Failure to meet these standards can lead to sanctions or disciplinary proceedings by RECA.


Licensed professionals must complete rigorous pre-licensing education before applying for a licence from RECA. They also need to complete regular re-licensing education in order to renew their licence.