When Is The Best Time To Sell Your Home?

Whether you are looking to downsize, upgrade, relocate or simply want a lifestyle change, the process of selling your home can be a positive one. It is LeRoy’s goal to help you sell your home without hassle, and as quickly as possible for top dollar.

Perhaps the kids have moved out and you are ready to downsize or you want to start a family and are in need of more room.

Perhaps, you simply want to change your lifestyle whether to embrace a more urban atmosphere or the opposite.

LeRoy strongly recommends that before listing you take the time to assess the reasons regarding why you want to move.

By discovering your motives for selling LeRoy will be able to assist you better when it comes to searching for a new home and figuring out what you ultimately require in the outcome of selling your existing home.


While more houses typically go on the market in the spring, this does not necessarily indicate that this is the only good time to list your home. Ultimately, there are always buyers and sellers so it really boils down to your situation and what works best for you. In the off months when someone is selling their home, potential buyers may have fewer inventories to choose from and therefore the seller’s property may stand out more resulting in an increased demand and higher selling price. Alternatively, in the most popular months there may be more inventory and with that more buyers. If the balance of buyers versus inventory in both off season and peak season is on par, the pricing will remain the same or similar.


When selling your home, economic factors become very important. Are interest rates low or high and how do these interest rates compare to your current mortgage? If rates are higher, your monthly payment amounts may be higher than your existing ones up in the purchase of another home, If rates are lower, it could be a great time to trade up to a more expensive home without enduring a significant increase in your monthly financial obligations.


Market trends may also play a part depending on whether it is a buyers or sellers market. Typically, in a buyers’ market, there are more homes for sale then there are actual buyers.  In a buyers market, homes will tend to stay on the market longer and prices may stabilize or decrease. Just because it is a buyers market though, does not mean that your home will not sell, take longer to sell and or be sold at significantly decreased prices. By making sure that your home is priced at a fair value and is show ready, your home should still sell in a decent amount of time and at a great price.


In comparison, a sellers market tends to have more buyers then houses available to be purchased. A sellers market typically translates into quicker sales and higher selling prices. Buyers then have to make decisions at a quicker pace and must be prepared for potential multiple offer scenarios. When the market presents as both a buyers and sellers market it is considered to be balanced. A balanced market occurs when the number of homes on the market is approximately equal to the quantity of buyers looking for new homes.


Regardless of the market, LeRoy is able to provide you with the most knowledge and offer resources in order to make the most of your move. Through comprehensive training and 13 years experience in the real estate market, LeRoy is able to discuss of all of the factors above to help assess your home and market it accordingly.