Nov 11, 2022 | Tips

Doors are a very important part of a home, not only do they allow access, but they also provide security and can be one of the property’s primary causes of heat loss. Often overlooked, it’s worthwhile to examine this ubiquitous architectural feature.

Exterior swing doors are generally made of solid wood, metal, wood over a foam core or even fibreglass. Exterior doors are exposed to detrimental weather conditions and extreme temperature variations from the inside to the outside which can harm the surface of the door.
Variations in the relative humidity from the interior to the exterior can also affect the door. Collectively or separately, these conditions can cause doors to warp or change in dimension. Seasonal variations can occur up to 1/4” in any direction. It is prudent to refrain from trimming an exterior door as the problem may rectify itself with a change in climatic conditions.

Some exterior doors have restrictions imposed by the manufacturer as to the colour the door may be painted. The heat absorbed by darker colours can cause failure of the sealing compounds in the glazing and/or cause excessive warping of the door. The wrong paint colour may void the manufacturer’s warranty; therefore, any such restrictions should be reviewed prior to the door being painted.

Interior doors are usually a wood veneer over a hollow core. Interior doors are generally sized to allow a gap of up to 18 mm (3/4”) at the bottom of the door between the door and the floor covering. This gap is provided to allow for the circulation of air beneath the door.

The man door between the garage and the house should have an automatic door closer and seal (weather-stripping) to ensure that the door automatically closes to prevent the entry of exhaust gases from the garage into your home.

Weather-stripping is installed around doors and windows to reduce air infiltration. Check the weather-stripping annually to ensure that the seal is adequate. Petroleum jelly can be used to lubricate rubber or vinyl products to maintain their flexibility.

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