Jul 29, 2022 | Tips

Big or small, complex or basic, a deck is one addition to a home that can pay true dividends — both in terms of personal enjoyment, and as a means of adding to a home’s potential resale value.

Depending on the size of the home and the shape of the yard, a deck offers a unique way to add space, character and improved functionality to a property. A deck can be anything from a simple open space to host a family barbecue, to an elaborate covered ‘party central’ for hot tubs and large-scale festivities.

A deck can dramatically expand a home’s living space at a relatively low cost per square foot. In the easy, breezy days of summer, a spacious deck becomes a true focal point of a home. In essence a deck is the addition of a new room to a property, accessible to the resources found within, while allowing quick access to the great outdoors.

As distinctive and personalized as the persons who own them, decks can be constructed of any material, but nothing compares to the character and warmth of a deck constructed of natural wood. Red Cedar, for example, is the ideal material for deck construction. One of North America’s most durable woods, Red Cedar is naturally resistant to both rot and insects which makes it the ideal choice for any outdoor application.

The addition of a well-designed and constructed deck can be much more than convenient entertainment venue. A deck can also be a genuine selling feature should you choose to put your home on the market. A professionally crafted deck can add distinctive architectural interest to any home or backyard and can be part of an overall outdoor upgrade that could include such functional elements as gazebos, trellises, planters, ponds and other water features and more.

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