3 tips for a more open and organized living home

May 20, 2022 | Tips

A house with clean interior

Did you know a messy home can impact your mental state? If you’ve ever lived amongst a mess – as most of us have – you’ve likely noticed that it can downright ruin your day. But mess isn’t just crayons on the floor and dog hair on the couch, it also can be the way your furniture is arranged or how many knick-knacks you own. Decluttering and rearranging your interior spaces can go a long way to setting your mind at ease, boosting your mood and opening yourself up to increased creativity and productivity. Here are three tips to follow in order to create an organized and open feeling home.


Keep pathways clear.

Think about how you move about your home. Is there a chair you always have to go around? Is your coffee table perhaps a bit too big for your living room?

Sometimes we place furniture where we think it looks best without giving thought to how it changes the flow of a space.


Get rid of countertop clutter.

It often feels handy to have commonly used items left out so we can grab them when need be. But constant clutter is one thing that can nag in the back of our minds, so buy some baskets or reorganize your drawers and tuck all of those objects away.


Avoid blocking windows, even partially.

If your curtains don’t fully open, invest in a wider curtain rod so you can push them past the window’s frame. It may seem like a small detail, but us humans thrive in sunlight and can use every last drop of it. And of course, when the weather permits open the curtains and the windows to let the fresh air come pouring in!


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