Don’t Put Your Grass On The Ground-Put It On Your Roof!

Dec 10, 2021 | General Information, Tips

Have you ever heard of a sod roof? It’s actually a pre-historical Scandinavian roofing technique, and was the most common type of roofing on rural log homes in Norway until the late 19th century. But thanks to people’s interest in building more sustainable homes, sod roofing has been making a comeback due to its non-existent carbon impact. In fact, a sod roof has a carbon positive footprint as it helps to clean the air – all while providing a roof over your head. It also has many lesser-known benefits such as retaining runoff from rain, which then keeps water away from your foundation. Sod roofs are also excellent insulators and keep homes cool in the summer and warm in the winter. And as long as you properly waterproof before installing the sod, maintenance is minimal. Sod roofs are particularly appealing to those who live in a home with a flat roof, as it creates a beautiful oasis on top of the building’s structure.

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