3 Small kitchen hacks

Sep 30, 2021 | General Information, Tips

Have you ever heard the saying that a small home offers both hardships and opportunities? It’s so true! Sure, it can be frustrating to never seem to have enough space – especially in areas you spend so much time like your kitchen. But a small kitchen shouldn’t stop you from creating amazing meals or even just enjoying meals you’ve ordered in! Our first suggestion – utilize your sink space as extra counter space with a rack or cutting board that fits on top. Simply pull out your rack or cutting board, place it on top and use it for serving dishes during dinner or as a place to store extra plates. Next up, bring in non-kitchen storage items and use them to organize your pantry. Don’t have a pantry? Create a cool display area on the wall for your product using a hanging shoe organizer. Just think of how cute your apples and bananas will look hanging next to your table. Plus – easy access at snack time! Last tip, who needs Tupperware when you have reusable plastic covers that stretch to fit on top of all sizes of bowls, plates and cups? Space spacing and eco-friendly!

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